Biaxial (II) Ceiling Mounted Manual Clothes Drying Rack (Straight Handle)


Product Features:

1.System is fashionable and sample but princely, exquisite accessories; real quality product.

2. With screw thread spool inside, super production, Quad-core bearing, metal core brake system, max load 15KG/pole, long service life.

3. Hand cranking, original creation, classical inheritance, oversized thread spool, gear with reduction structure, labor-saving effort is good.

4. International material, noiseless design, prevent inversion structure, flexible location technology, self-service position shift technology, make system run smoothly and quietly.


Color: sliver, gold, grey, copper, bronze


Clothes poles spec:  1.5M  2M  2.4M   Clothes poles:   2 bar   4 bar

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